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Camshaft and Valvetrain Analysis
Send your Camshaft to Sure Cam for measurement and analysis. The Cam Pro Plus system can measure the camshaft’s exact timing events. Valve Events for overhead camshaft engines using rocker arms need to be measured with the camshaft and rockers assembled, to facilitate this Sure Cam have a variety of specially modified cylinder heads for popular models. Once the timing events have been established advanced computer software can be employed to prescribe suitable Valve Springs and components to match the Cam profile. Plus by inputting details of the entire valvetrain components (weights etc) we can provide accurate information as to its suitability for your application.

Performance Camshafts & Valvetrain Components Sure Cam offer a range of proven performance Camshafts to suit many popular engines. All Performance Camshafts are supplied with full specifications and set up data.

Performance Camshaft Recommendation
Sure Cam would be pleased to assist in selecting the correct Camshaft for your application, please compete & submit the online Camshaft recommendation sheet

Custom Designed Race Camshafts
Sure Cam specialise in developing Custom Camshafts to suit all forms of Motorsports and modified street engines. These Custom Camshafts are designed using the best available engine design software and airflow simulation programs plus specific Cam Design software. Each Camshaft is designed specifically to match the engine’s components and the entire package of engine and drivetrain and the desired performance.

Nitriding Camshafts
The Camshaft and Lifters are the most highly stressed parts in a pushrod style engine. Where high Valve Spring pressures are required due to the application these loadings are amplified. Whilst Sure Cam guarantee that all Camshafts we supply are of highest quality and feature excellent workmanship, Nitriding increases surface hardness and can reduce lobe wear. Nitriding is a heat treatment process that embeds nitrogen atoms into the surface resulting in a harder and more slippery surface.

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